How to Write Marketing Words in Attractive Offer Emails

Email marketing is the perfect way to increase sales of any product or service. However, this technique will not be useful if you use inappropriate marketing words. Then, what are the interesting words in email to be able to attract potential customers?

How to Write Marketing Words in Attractive Offer Emails

Most people complain about the response by the recipient at least they offer, averaging below one percent. Indeed, it was only natural for email offers or make sales via email is a very complicated thing.

Marketing words in email offer is the kind of email that is different from the usual emails we write everyday colleagues or family, even very different. Since you do not have a relationship with your email recipients and you also do not have the right to ask for their attention.

Why my marketing words in offer email running not well?

Based on experience, almost every offer email written as follows:

Subject: offer from [company name]

Hi [prospect name],

Hope you are in good health always. [company name] is the industry leader ... [a paragraph about how beautiful the company is]. [company name] has the following products and services ... [list of services that seems very useful to us]. [company name] has served the following customers ... [some large companies].

I want to contact you for no more than 20 minutes to discuss how we can help you. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at [phone number] or browse our website [website address].

Sincerely, [sender's name and contact information]

What will happen?

8 Reasons that make power words and phrases emails wrong

To understand why this type of email marketing words in the offer does not got an answer, let's look from the perspective of potential customers:

  • The subject of the email doesn't mean anything to me, so it's likely that I won't open the email. Even I will immediately "mark as read" or at worst I will delete
  • I don’t know anything about you, so whatever you say I will just think of nonsense
  • Why should I care about your company
  • Should all of this relate to me?
  • I am a small business owner, if you are working with a large company then you are probably going to treat me like a little ant
  • Are you kidding me? Do you think I am a person who has less work, so I want to spend 20 minutes listening marketing words to something about a product?
  • Maybe you will think I'm so stupid not to read phone numbers and contacts in your e-mail signature, so that you include phone numbers and websites 2 times
  • Finally, none of the powerful sales words email offers are honest and sincere

So, it is very reasonable if the email marketing words as above do not get a response from your prospective customers. If there is, be thankful because the people are very kind.

Now, how to write catchy phrases sales email offers good and right?

Here is the marketing words structure in the email that we recommend, so that you can get a positive response from your potential customers:

Subject: [something relevant to the leads/prospect]

Dear [Mr / Ms last name of leads/prospect],

I am contacting you because I might be able to [the potential benefits for the leads/prospect]. Companies like yours (the name of another company) needed us to do [something measurable that leads to the potential benefits].

I hope [Mr / Ms's last name leads] is willing to reply to this email and I will e-mail you again to inform you of some details about the above so you can quickly evaluate whether it is worth considering for your business development.

[sender's name and contact information]

6 Reasons why marketing words in the email are right?

Here are some reasons why sales words and phrases emails like the example above work well and effectively:
  • Subjects involve the recipient to open email. Examples of "something relevant" will be mutual contact, the latest changes in your prospect's business, a new fact about your potential competitors, etc
  • While many informal industries and companies are developing today, but when you contact someone for the first time, it is best to keep using formal language. No one ever insulted when we use formality
  • People always appreciate when you are "to the point" and not convoluted. From the prospect's point of view, the point is "what's in it for me?" So tell them easily and clearly
  • This is your sales message, but it is stated from the customer's perspective. The customers in the list you mentioned must be one level and one type with your prospective customers. If you don't have this list, just use "Our customers hire us to ..."
  • It is unrealistic to expect an initial email to convince potential customers to take the time to meet you. Instead, you create a "next step" something trivial that shows the openness of potential customers
  • Your potential customers are certainly smart enough to contact you or access your website if needed. So there's no need to tell them directly, just include a clear contact with your email signature.

Here are examples of catchy phrases to get attention email offers from us

Subject: Increase your Online Store Sales Turnover

Dear Mr. Jan,

I contacted you because I might be able to help you to increase your online sales turnover.

More than 1000 of our customers entrust their online stores to us because they have proven to be able to increase their sales turnover drastically in just a few months. We provide services in the form of online store websites specifically designed to tie online sales up to 1000 times. We also provide lots of tips and tricks for our customers to increase their online sales turnover.

I hope Mr. Jan would like to reply to this email and I will e-mail you again.

Andrew Smith | +31 98088990
Head Div. Web Champion
PT Champion Media
"Benefit More Than You Imagine"

So, what happens next?

If you get a response from the recipient of the e-mail offer, the next is to learn well about your prospective business and company. So that later you can send follow-up emails that are "targeted" with power words that sell to the needs of your prospective customers.

From the past until later, email marketing will grow your business faster than other marketing media. Surely is the perfect marketing words technique in email. We use and recommend GetResponse for your email marketing services. Good luck.

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