Email Marketing Ebook: Complete Guide

Email Marketing Ebook: Complete Guide - Do you want to know how to use email marketing ebook so that your sales increase?

Email Marketing Ebook: Complete Guide

Email marketing is the most effective way to build connections with your prospects and direct them to become your loyal customers.

But, before we give you a complete guide to how to build your email marketing, you need to be convinced of why email marketing needs to be done.

So why is email marketing important to do? (Don't just collect email marketing ebook, but you also have to act immediately)

According to a study conducted by Radicati Group, more than 34% of people around the world use e-mail such as e-mail. The number is clear about 2.5 billion people. The number of email users is expected to increase to 2.8 billion users in the next 2 years.

The Research Institute also takes into account that the world sends around 196 billion emails every day. Out of a total of 196 billion e-mails, 109 billion are business e-mails. Big amount? Very large.

Good, you might be a little dizzy with the data we described above, let's think in a simpler way.

How many colleagues or friends do you have no email? A little of course. Now, smartphone users and computer devices continue to multiply and to access many applications in it they certainly use.

Email marketing is also a personal way to communicate with your customers. Not just anyone or company gets an email address. If they get an email address, they send a message based on the permission of the intended email user.

That is why email marketing works best if it is personalized more optimally. Email can be tailored to customer actions so that every communication can be relevant to their interests.

Your email can cover topics such as changes in your company, company success, requests for feedback or suggestions from your customers, and many other topics that can increase your customer engagement. If your company engangement with customers increases, chances are your conversion rate will increase as well.

What is Email Marketing and Early Stage of Building Email Marketing 

The first thing that is most important for you or your company to do is to ask your customers or potential customers for permission. This permission must contain the exact core of your message, explain the topic or type of message like what you or your company will send to them via your email marketing if they allow it.

Buying an email list might seem like an interesting and easy shortcut, but we don't recommend it.

We also do not consider it good if you add your email list from someone else's business card that you collected at a particular conference. Unless you have requested permission or notified them in advance about this matter.

Technically, emails that are like that without permission beforehand are spam.

You certainly do not want to make people who can be your potential customers feel annoyed and look at you as a bad company or just looking for profits and do not value customers.

In addition, people who do not allow you to send e-mails to them or register their own e-mail with your company are people who will not want to buy or rent your services or products. So, spamming like that is a waste of action that is a waste of time and money.

Email Marketing eBook and Tools

There are many tools that can actually help you or your company to build and manage your email marketing. The tools that we will convey the following are a ladder for you to achieve the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing so that profits or sales of the company increase. Here are some of the best email marketing tools that we summarize for you!

1. MailChimp

Email Marketing Ebook: Complete Guide

MailChimp is an email marketing software that is very popular among online businesses. For those of you who are just starting email marketing, this tool is very easy to follow.

There are many email marketing ebook that also add Mailchimp to their material.

You will also get an intuitive user interface from MailChimp. This tool is free for 2000 subscribers you have.

However, if you want more optimal and attractive features, you need to switch to the paid version. Of course the larger the email list that you build, the more expensive the costs you need to pay.

2. Constant Contact

Email Marketing Ebook: Complete Guide

Constant Contact can be said to be the largest email marketing service in the world. This tool allows you to manage your subscribers and create professional emails with varied ebook email template and drag-and-drop editing tools. You can try it for free for 60 days, after that time you need to pay.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software that can give you more benefits than the two tools we described earlier. This software is designed to meet the needs of companies ranging from small to large scale companies. HubSpot can also help you with SEO and increase the conversion rate. You really need to pay to access this software, but for us it is very suitable for the price and quality. 

Hubspot email marketing best practices you can get it easily by searching on google search.

Building an Email List with Email Marketing Ebook and Others

To build an email list, you need to attract people with attractive offers. You can call it Lead Magnet.

What are magnetic leads?

Lead magnet is something that you give free to people and in return they will give their email address as your subscriber. Most lead magnets in the form of digital material such as email marketing guide pdf, MP3 or video that you make yourself at no cost. Actually it can take the form of anything you want to share, as long as it's valuable to your customers but it's free.

What are some examples of popular lead magnets?

  • eBoook
  • Webinar
  • Free trial
  • Coupon

What kind of magnetic lead is good?

Surely a magnetic lead is very effective. There are at least five good lead magnet criteria that are easily accessible, practicable, can produce improvements, are relevant and instant.

Personalize Email Marketing

Most marketing experts will advise you to just build an email list. But they don't necessarily tell you that it's not effective without knowing your email segmentation in advance.

What is the segmentation email list?

Segmentation email list is a process where you break your subscribers into smaller groups based on specific criteria, so that later you will more easily provide them with personal and relevant emails.

Instead of sending random emails to all the contacts you have, this segmentation email list makes you send only to the most specific targets. These targets are subscribers that you think are people who are very interested in the particular content you want to share and produce a high conversion rate.

There are many ways to divide your segmentation. These are some fundamental segmentation points that can help you share them!

  • New subscriber: Example: send welcome email or address to new subscribers.
  • Preferences: Example: distinguish susbscriber who only wants to be given a post notification blog and who want to be given sale notifications.
  • Interest: Example: distinguish susbscriber who like classical music and rock music.
  • Location: Example.provide event notification only to subscribers who live around the location of the event.

Avoid Spam Filters

There are many ways to prevent your e-mail from entering a spam folder. Next we will give you important key points so you can avoid spam filters

  • Again, make sure you have permission from the intended email account owner
  • Send your email campaign from a good IP address (not used by other people who have sent spam before)
  • Send your email campaign from a verified domain
  • Keep your email template code clean
  • Avoid using spam trigger words such as "buy", "clearance", "discount", or "cash"
  • Do not convey sentences that are "bait-and-switch" or deceive the reader
  • Tell your location
  • Make a clear CTA

Remove Inactive Subscriber from Email List

It's very important for you to send emails consistently, so your list doesn't miss. Some people might change their e-mail address, or just be no longer interested in your brand.

So, try to keep your e-mail list fresh by paying attention to which customers are worthy of being called enganged subscribers. Set aside your inactive subscribers regularly. Inactive subscribers are those who are no longer reluctant to your email campaign within 6 months or more.

But do not rush to get rid of them, try sending last-ditch effort email to make sure they really are not interested in your email campaign. For example, you can send an email with a question like "Do I bore you?" On the subscriber and give them a hit button for voting whether they still want to be a subscriber or not. Maybe some of them ignored your email, but that doesn't matter because they can be classified directly into inactive subscribers.

Make Outstanding Subject Line

You must know at the top of the e-mail (sort of letterhead), you need to enter your e-mail subject in one sentence or a few words. This is the determinant of the fate of your email campaign. Watch Out!

Try to make the email subject short, clear or to the point as well as interesting. Try comparing "Special September Discount Info for You" with "Cheap Ethnic Bags for You".

You can make your subscribers curious, but don't do it so much that your subscribers don't understand what you're talking about. Enter numbers, there are things that are very interesting for readers when you enter numbers on a line. Try experimenting by adding jokes and using the style of language flowing like you are chatting with your subscribers.

Ensure that your Email Campaign is Mobile Friendly

Based on data released by BlueHornet, 67.2% of consumers use mobile devices such as smartphones to access their e-mails (open and read the e-mails entered in their inbox). That is, you cannot ignore this fact so you need to adjust your email campaign to be mobile-friendly.

Make sure your email is mobile-friendly with responsive formats and media content that can be loaded via mobile devices.

In addition, you also need to be aware of the different screen sizes on a smaller mobile device. With this fact, you need to make your words short, clear and interesting as we discussed in the email subject section. Try to make your e-mail campaign enjoyable from a mobile device.

Next, we will provide some additional tips so you can produce a mobile-friendly email campaign!

  • Try the single-column format, below 600px wide.
  • Use larger fonts - small fonts are hard to read on smartphones.
  • Use a smaller size image to speed up loading time.
  • Provide a larger CTA button to stand out and attract
  • Don't place more than one link in close proximity so that subscribers don't click wrong and make them feel annoyed.

Personalize Emails Through Writing

Position yourself as a subscriber who receives an email campaign from a company, you certainly realize that this e-mail is intended not only for you but for thousands of other people as well. But of course you will be more interested in opening an email that looks personal to you.

However, it will be very effective or right on target if you or your company communicate with the subscribers as individuals with personal subject lines and personal messages.

To write a personal email campaign like that, you need to really know your buyer persona. You need to know what problems they face daily, what desires they most likely have, the values ​​they hold, and what they like or dislike.

If you have difficulty recognizing your buyer persona, try sending a short email asking some simple questions for your subscribers. Make sure they only take less than 5 minutes to answer. This is due to the length of time needed to determine their willingness to respond or ignore your email. Then you might be more attractive by giving the opening sentence like, "Hey, it only takes 5 minutes. Will you answer the question below? "

Spending time with your subscribers has never been in vain. By continuing to communicate or stay-in-touch, you can get to know them better and can also build strong customer relationships or engangements to benefit your business. This is a valuable investment!

Also, try writing as you write a friend. This is the only way for your email campaign to look more attractive to not just read but also followed continuously by subscribers.

For example, if you write "Here is our interesting offer for you!" Compared to "Hey, you need to check this one!"

Which is more interesting for subscribers to read? Of course the last. Because after all, basically humans like something that is personal. This is related to the closeness they feel.

Then, you might think if the subscriber has opened your email, you have won the fight. Actually, the contents of the email itself are important to be responded to by your readers or subscribers.


Those who are happy with the content of your email campaign at this time are those who will open your next email again. In fact, they anticipate by waiting for your email, remembering when you or your company usually send them an email again.

Conversely, if they are not happy or do not like the content of your email campaign now, of course they will no longer want to open your next email.

So, how do you make your email subscribers happy? It's simple, you just need to make your content cool.

As we have said before about the free stuffs that you can share via your email campaign. This is very likely to remember them with positive emotions where you or your company is considered very good by sharing benefits on subscribers.


You have read a complete guide to email marketing that we share. We not only define what email marketing is, but also give you information about the challenges of email marketing and how to deal with it. Hope this article about email marketing ebook can help you.

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