Effective Email Marketing Strategies for Your Online Business

If you are applying funneling techniques to your online business strategy, of course email marketing is not new anymore. You may be familiar with this strategy, and even halfway. The problem is that you haven't found an effective email marketing strategies. How do you do it to succeed?

Effective Email Marketing Strategies

You feel the goal that you should achieve does not go as you expected. Even though you have invested the time, energy and cost of making an email marketing strategy provide significant results for your online business.

When the results you expect have not yet appeared, it does not mean that you have failed and have to turn around to find online marketing strategies for small businesses.

Not like that, because email marketing is one of the sales strategies that are known to be very effective. Maybe this is why we are here, namely to analyze and find out successful email marketing strategies.

Have we done email marketing strategies correctly and effectively?

Before we did this strategy, did we have a mature and effective plan?

Have we really thought about our customers' needs?

Or are we just trying it out and indeed it's not optimal? Well, everything is possible.

Below are email marketing tips and techniques that you can apply to get an effective strategy.


Effective Email Marketing Strategies

To make this email marketing strategy work for businesses that you manage, it is only natural that you clarify your target market.

Make sure your list building is a collection of people who are interested in the products you sell.

You can't ignore this important factor, because this factor is one of the biggest keys someone opens an email newsletter and offer that you send.

To get this list building, it takes time, so be patient.

Do not enter email lists from different niche businesses that you previously owned or buy third-party email databases, because that could waste your time and effort.

If your list building is ready, then you can think about the material to be sent and look for the best free email marketing software.

For the initial stage, you can use a good free auto-responder tool such as GetRespons (Free Trial) or MailChimp which is a free version.

If you want an auto responder with more complete features for your business, then of course premium is better. After that, you can learn the basics of email marketing, and start going into the action steps towards your list building, which is email marketing.


Effective Email Marketing Strategies

1. Don't Hunt for Promotion

In the funneling strategy we know the name of fishing in the pond.

For fishing, of course we cannot directly take the fish from the pond.

First, we must feed the fish. After the fishes approach us with the bait, we begin to reap the rewards or benefits.

Same with an other email marketing strategy examples, don't directly promote your product completely.

Excessive promotion, especially to new subscribers, actually makes them less confident in your business. Instead of being lured by the product you are offering, it is possible for the prospective customer to be lazy and unsubscribe.

Instead, make subscribers feel at home receiving mail blas from you. Establish first communication with your subscriber so they start trusting you and are confident in your authority.

After you are sure the prospective buyer sees your authority, then start sending a promotional email.

2. Send Useful Content and Something for Free

Send useful tips, eBooks, or guides for free.

In writing tips and ebooks, don't be careless.

Just because you give it for free doesn't mean you forget quality.

It's precisely here that you measure the products you sell later - especially if the product you're selling is expensive.

If something you share for free is quality, of course this prospective buyer will think that the product you are selling at a price that is not cheap is definitely far better than what you have been giving and that is really worth buying.

We used to be a list of an affiliate marketer.

As a trigger for funneling, he offers a free ebook by registering as a subscriber.

But what? The ebook that is sent is an ebook that we believe we can write on our own and many are scattered on the internet, tips that are stale and not qualified.

We are very disappointed and that time in our minds was ‘What ... only this? ... only tips for spam.
That's not effective email marketing strategies.

After receiving the email we decided to unsubscribe.

Maybe you think that we are too skeptical in just one email, but isn't that first impression important?

We also subscribe to several other marketer friends. We also compare between one another. If indeed the marketer provides quality, why not?

But if the marketer is clearly only aiming for list building and pursuing sales, while for free tips only be given a little, so bad first. Makes sense right?

Keep in mind, this email marketing strategy is not only done by 10 internet marketing practitioners, but hundreds or even thousands.

If you think this strategy is not something you handle seriously, of course the results are not optimal. Don't blame email marketing, but blame how you do this strategy.

3. Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses: Send Periodic Emails, Don't SPAM

Don't waste your subscriber time with too many promotions to their e-mail. You may not be the only one who sends newsletters to them.

It could be that your subscriber email also contains lots of newsletters that fill up. If the email you send is too frequent and most of the e-mail is just SPAM e-mail, let alone be interested in your offer, even opening e-mail is lazy.

This can reduce your credibility as well as your business.

If this happens, it is only natural that the email marketing strategy is not the goal you expect.

Email marketing can be done 1-2 times a week or according to the schedule that you specify, provided the strategy is not too frequent. To avoid being too prominent as a sales person, promotional emails should be sent once after three regular newsletters or as needed.

4. Use Attractive Headlines

To increase the percentage of your email opened by customers, use an interesting email title that triggers curiosity.

Don't ignore it because the title is the first to speak to your customers. You might be inspired by email titles that are often used by internet marketers.
  • ‘95% discount on PAYDAY Sale! Do not miss'
  • ‘Don't Open If You Don't Want to Pinter’
  • ‘This product was launched Directly Out, Want to Know Why? '

5. Simple Email Marketing Examples; Elegant and Easy to Read

When you send a newsletter, or broadcast email to a customer list, make sure that your customers will enjoy the email.

How? That is by having a newsletter design that is simple but elegant and easy to read.

Some auto responder has newsletter design features that meet these criteria and of course you can use them without complicated.

Indeed, this elegant design / templates feature is usually obtained by premium auto-responder members.

What factors need to be considered to present this customer preferred email? Among other things are as follows:

  • Using CSS Inline to make your newsletter look more beautiful >> http://inlinestyler.torchboxapps.com/styler/convert/
  • Includes plain text versions, in anticipation of customers who cannot display HTML format
  • Consider using images, because images in e-mails often cannot be seen or cannot appear perfectly because of loading and or blocking factors. If it is deemed unnecessary, then the use of images can be reduced

6. Effective Email Marketing Strategies : Test First

When you have installed the subscription feature on your website, make sure you have tried it first.

Register your e-mail address so you can find out that the plugin that you have installed for the subscription form actually works as you expected.

7. Unsubcribe or Unsubscribe Button Is Easy to Find

Bitter indeed when talking about unsubscribe in this effective email marketing strategies topic.

But, this button is a complement to the format of the email that you send to customers.

This easy-to-view unsubscribe button is not for your customers to unsubscribe, but as a sign that you will not make it difficult for customers to unsubscribe if they are not interested in the topic we offer.

Logically, if they are not interested in the products we offer, why are they being held back? Precisely with this we become aware of the number of lists that are really interested in our products.


Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Not only you are running an email marketing strategy. Not only internet marketers who are already sky-level who have implemented the strategy, the beginner internet marketers also apply this strategy.

But not all of them got the results as expected. Some even don't get results at all. Why? How to do email marketing?

Many bloggers and marketers who do this marketing strategy only as a complement to the blog.

They do not have a clear goal for the list of customers who register to be their subscribers and are not serious about this list.

They also leave the list as it is and submit the newsletter in full to third parties, without trying to share tips that you have written personally to list your subscribers and establish closer communication.

This makes e-mail look very ordinary, just like other subscription e-mails that customers receive as usual. And this is what makes these customers rarely open your email. Nothing special.

Back to your goal for best email marketing, for what?
  • Provide newsletter updates and increase traffic
  • Selling affiliate products
Especially if you are aiming for a second goal, it must lure your target market. How?

Of course with the tricks we have discussed at length above. For simplicity, take a sheet of paper, and determine the answer from the following check list:

  • What is your main goal of using an email marketing for online marketing strategies examples? Traffic or sales? Or don't have a real plan yet? (If you don't already have one, try to find out what you want in developing your blog or business)
  • Who will you send email to?
  • What type of email did you send? Only newsletters or promos?
  • How do you present your email content?
  • Is your email design easy to read and look attractive?
  • What can you improve from your email marketing at this time?
  • Are the tools and plugins that you use are sufficiently effective according to current needs?
  • How do you manage your list?
  • What do you do to increase the number of your subscribers? Share the e-Book for free? Or other interesting offers?
  • How do you measure the success of this email marketing?
From the questions above, you will be able to see what what is email marketing and how does it work, concepts, goals, and optimization methods you can do with your email marketing strategy.

Apparently rather complicated? Not really, because when you have undergone this strategy, you have to do an analysis and optimization strategy so that this email marketing tips and tricks gives you the results you expect.

But for the initial stage, do the test sufficiently before analyzing the list of questions.

When you start to enter the list, measure your success. This is one step that needs to be done as an effective way of email marketing strategies.

Have you got the ideal number of subscribers, is the open rate good enough, or can you convert the list to as many percentages as you want?

Metrics that are often used as a measure of the effectiveness of Email Newsletters include:

  • Open Rate, which is how many of the subscribers actually read your email when the email was sent
  • Click Rate, which is how many of the subscribers click on the link you sent when they opened the email
  • Forward, which is to calculate the number of subscribers who forward emails from you (send to friend). But not all auto responder or email marketing providers have this feature
  • Subscribe, which is the number of people who register to become your customers
  • Unsubscriber, which is the number of people who unsubscribe from your newsletter, this list is a warning for your email marketing strategy
  • Convertion Rate, which is how many of your subscribers will eventually buy your product, join the program that you provide, join the trial version and others
To be able to facilitate this analysis, you can connect your account with Google Analytics which can record changes in your customer list activity.

With the help of Analytics, your analysis of the email marketing strategy that you are running will be more effective.

As we said before that Email Marketing is one of the most powerful strategies in list building, this means you have to maximize it to succeed and make your conversion rate quality. With the steps above, hopefully you will be more observant, eager and optimistic about the best and effective email marketing strategies. Good luck.

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