6 Best Email Subject Lines for Sales and Must Be Read

How do I make best email subject lines for sales? Does it really affect the good or bad of the email subject in the process of increasing sales through email marketing?

Best Email Subject Lines for Sales

Sending emails is one of the right ways to introduce your product to many people on target. The impression of the personal email that we send will have a good impact on the sale of your product.

Unfortunately, not everyone responds well promotional emails. In fact, most of them immediately deleted the email before reading it.

Actually, the key to making an email that is definitely read is one: the subject of your email.

When the subject is interesting and inviting people to read it, it could be your promotional emails will be read.

So how do you make the best email subject lines for sales? 

1. Avoid words that are filtered by spam blockers for product launch email subject lines 

There are no emails that are worse than emails that enter the spam box.

Not only did not read, the spam box will also not be ignored by email users.

Therefore, recognize a few words that will be immediately blocked by spam filters.

Don't be surprised that words like free, buy now, cash, click here, subscribe, to opportunity will automatically go into spam.

This is very important if you want the product to launch email subject lines.

2. More personalized, best email subject lines for sales

Email made personally is not likely to be missed, even if only sale though.

The simplest way to make your email subject look more personal is to add the word "you" or "you". Better yet, if the subject of your email contained the recipient's name.

For example, the email subject line such as "Happy Birthday, Anna!". Maybe you named Anna will immediately be interested in opening this email.

It's rare for a company to send emails personally like this, so Anna might think.

Therefore, it's good if you make the subject of the email more personal. And this is one of the best email subject lines for sales.

3. Use numbers

Somehow humans are naturally very interested in numbers.

People will immediately open an email when there are numbers on the subject of the email, especially when the number is followed by a word about what they will actually read in your email.

Figures out or numbers you add is an odd number into the number of possible factors of your email will be opened.

Say an email with the subject "23 Strange Items Sold Online".

You will definitely open the email immediately because you are referring to the content contained in your email.

4. Short and clear

It is important to give a clear and informative subjects. However, you also need to think about how much character the letter stated.

The maximum number of letters you can use is 50 characters, no more.

Your email subject will be truncated if the characters that appear are too long, especially if the email is opened via a mobile device.

"These 3 Books For You" may be enough to make the recipient of the email get clear information but it is still a short statement. Subjects like this that will get more attention from others.

5. Bring up urgency

Why do you have to open this email?

That is what you have to wake up in the subject of the email that you will send.

You have to give urgency so that the recipient of the email feels that you have to open the email right away. Make them hooked.

How, give a deadline in the subject of your email.

Phrases like "Only today!" Or "If you start now" will greatly give your email a great opportunity to read.

Combine these expressions in the subject of the email, for example "Only today, free beautiful mugs for the first 100 senders!". Interesting? Of course yes!

6. Tell a story, catchy email subject lines for sales 

No one avoids interesting stories in email marketing.

Give the core of the story in the subject of your email so that the recipient gets more interested.

No need to be too long, just the core of the story. For example, "This is Andrea's struggle to get the love of Anastacia".

By using the methods above, you can be sure your e-mail will be read so that the recipient of the email is not missed or even deleted before it is read.

However, do not ever lie to your email recipients. You must make the best email subject lines for sales is still in accordance with the information and details in the email you sent. Don't let your email reader feel cheated so they feel deterred after opening your email.

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