What Is Internet Marketing Business?

What Is An Internet Marketing Business? Maybe all this time our understanding of internet marketing is only selling via the internet. Actually it's not wrong because when viewed from its definition, internet marketing is online marketing through the internet. However, if we talk about marketing, it means not only sales but also including promotion, branding, and fostering customer relationships that are conducted online.

What Is Internet Marketing Business?

Then, what's the use of us doing an internet marketing business? Of course, every businessman, be it an offline business owner or an online business owner, would want to increase their sales results or want to make their brand more famous. Well, the internet is one of the excellent media to provide information to internet users (netter) about their business, and also as a medium to sell their products.

In order to make it easier for us to better understand the internet marketing business, I will try to explain it in a simpler way and provide some examples of forms of internet marketing that are usually done by internet marketers. We can divide the form of internet marketing into 2 parts, namely as a source of income, and a way of promotion. What is done in internet marketing is actually only two, but the type of business is very much.

#1. Internet Marketing Business for Source of Income

At present, the Internet has become one of the lifestyles of people around the world, especially for those who have gadgets with the latest technology, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Try to look around you, almost everyone already has a smartphone, even the vegetable maker already has a BlackBerry to be able to directly promote the merchandise. Live Broad Cast, promotion to customers who also have a BlackBerry.

Running an internet marketing business to earn income can be done with several types of businesses, including PPC (Pay Per Click), PPS (Pay Per Sale), PPL (Pay Per Lead), selling your own products, and online auction business.

A. PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC (Pay Per Click) programs are mostly done by website / blog owners to earn income from their sites. The income earned from this PPC program is derived from clicks made by visitors / visitors who are interested in an advertisement on the site. Publisher or site owner will be paid per click by visitors to the site, where the price per click has been determined in advance by the Advertiser / advertiser. The amount of income depends on the number of ad clicks and also the price of the clicks bid by the Advertiser.

Some companies offering PPC programs include:
- Google Adsense
- Bidvertiser
- Chitika
- And others

B. PPS (Pay Per Sale)

From the name alone we might be able to understand about this program. We will be paid every time there is a purchase of a product that comes from our affiliate link. The amount of income depends greatly on the number of items sold, and also the percentage commission rate of the owner of the item.

Companies that offer PPS programs include:
- Amazon.com
- Clickbank.com
- And others

C. PPL (Pay Per Lead)

This is an affiliate program where the seller / vendor will give a commission every time we successfully send leads to the seller / vendor. For example, we direct internet users to register on email newsletters, free trials, or fill out forms, through our affiliate links. One of the companies offering the PPL program is MaxBounty.com.

D. Selling your own products or other people's products

Today, selling something via the internet is not something extraordinary. We can sell anything via the internet, whether it's a physical product or digital form. In addition, our offline business can also be marketed through the internet. For example, we have a business selling fried onions, just selling via the internet, someone must buy :)

In addition to selling their own products, we can also earn income by selling other people's products, whether it's physical products or digital products. One of the internet marketing business processes by selling other people's products is by becoming a reseller or dropshipper for other people's products. Likewise with digital products, we can become affiliate marketers for a product that is sold by other people.

E. Auction (Online Auction)

On the internet there is also a place to sell something that belongs to us or the property of others we help sell, by auction. Of course this can be beneficial because we can sell our goods to people who bid the highest price.

Famous company that provides online auction facilities:
- eBay.com
- Flippa.com
- And others

#2. Internet Marketing Business for Online Promotion (Traffic Generation)

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, online promotion is one form of internet marketing. No matter what product or business you want to promote, the internet is one of the most effective media for building brands and making our business websites known to many people.

There are many ways to promote business through internet media, including through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), through PPC Advertising (PPC Advertising), Email Marketing, Mobile Advertising, and Social Media Marketing.

A. PPC Advertising (PPC Ads)

Unlike the PPC program for publishers, this PPC Ads program is intended for advertisers / advertisers who want to promote their business. In this case we as advertisers must spend money so that the PPC Ads provider company displays our ads on their publisher's site network. Of course we can adjust the price of advertisements that are in accordance with the existing budget.

Some companies that offer this program are:
- Google Ads
- Yahoo Advertising
- MSN Advertising Center

B. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a form of online promotion that I really like because it's free. However, SEO requires special expertise, requires a process with a short amount of time. Even SEO often requires the cost to do optimization.

That is why there are many website owners who are willing to spend money to hire SEO services to make their business sites enter the main page of search engine results.

C. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Unlike SEO, search engine marketing is an advertising network of search engine companies that display ads on search results pages. In many countries, Google is the most used search engine on the internet.

For keywords that are sought after by internet users, we will see advertisements at the top and bottom of the search results of a keyword. Many internet marketing experts say that Google Ads is a marketing method that has a very high conversion because our website has a great chance of getting potential customers from search engines.

D. Email Marketing

As the name implies, email marketing is the process of marketing products or services by using email as a tool. Email marketing is also various types, there is direct email, email retention, and advertising in other people's emails. Email marketing is usually very effective because promotions or sales letters can be sent directly to the owner of the email account.

An important note that must be kept in mind is that we are not allowed to do SPAM because it will disturb other people, and of course it will be detrimental to our own because the owner of the email can unscribe or enter our email into the SPAMMER list.

E. Mobile Advertising (Ad Mob)

Mobile advertising is, advertising services through mobile devices. Smartphone users now have a lot, and usually their phones are taken wherever they go. This is what makes mobile advertising very effective for business promotion media. Some mobile ads models are via SMS, MMS, Banner Ads, Games, and others.

F. Social Media Marketing

As with SEO, online promotion using social media can be done for free. As we know, users of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube are already very large in number. And this is a very effective promotional media to market any product through the internet.

Social media also has advertising features that are very widely used by internet marketers to gain traffic and sales. Some of which are popular today are:
- Facebook Ads
- Twitter Ads
- Instagram Ads
- YouTube Ads

G. Marketing Through Forums

There are now a lot of forums specially created to discuss certain topics. An example is Quora.com, Amazone, AliExpress, etc. This forum discusses various topics ranging from politics, business, national, and many more. One of the sub forums is specifically for online traders who want to market their products. There are still several more forums that can be used as online marketing media, which will be discussed in another article.

So a little explanation about what internet marketing is, and the media that can be used for online marketing. Indeed there are many ways to do an internet marketing business, but we don't need to do it all because not all of our marketing methods can work successfully. Therefore, choose only a few that are effective and suitable for making money online or marketing products / services that you want to promote. Thank you for reading my article, hopefully useful.

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