Marketing Strategy in Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy in Digital Marketing - Marketing Institute in its journal "What is digital marketing" defines digital marketing as "the use of digital technology to create integrated and how create marketing strategy?

Competency Standards

  • Able to Know the Concept of Digital Marketing and Benefits for Individuals and Companies.
  • Able to Distinguish Traditional & Modern Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Marketing Institute in its journal "What is digital marketing" defines digital marketing as "the use of digital technology to create integrated, purposeful and measurable communication that helps acquire and retain customers while building a deeper relationship with them."

Can be Concluded Digital Marketing

  • Practices that promote products and services by using database channels that are distributed online to reach consumers in ways that are relevant, personal and cost-effective.
  • Digital marketing is basically something that is related to ideas that are expressed in the digital world, the thing that becomes a benchmark for its success is when the products it offers are the subject of discussion by the community.
  • That definition, has a comprehensive interpretation. Among them include digital devices, targeted, measurable and everything that has the necessary relationships in defining digital marketing. Building relationships because marketing uses digital technology.
  • To be clearer in differentiating online digital marketing devices. For starters, several digital devices that include traditional forms of digital marketing such as; Radio, TV, billboards and print media.

Weaknesses of Traditional Digital Marketing

  • Do not offer instant feedback and reports. Of course, some people might respond to a call to action from an advertisement in one of the media but there is no way to know the exact number of people who saw or heard it. The data is collected by taking a long time, after the advertisement has been carried out.
  • And when asked what is Digital Marketing, How to Branding, Promotion, Selling with the latest Digital Technology medium by utilizing. Example: Internet, Social Media, Mobile marketing, Website. Etc

Digital Marketing Excellence

  • The internet is one of the most powerful, affordable and effective online digital marketing and marketing media centers to get immediate feedback with easier interaction and monitoring processes.
  • The internet can be used both to send messages to someone such as email, IM, RSS, or podcasts, as well as to disseminate content, banner ads and pay per click (advertising terms in search engines). Therefore, the internet can be considered as a combination of push and pull technology to carry out marketing campaigns.
  • With online digital media they will enable business organizations to see in real-time how marketing campaigns work, such as what is being seen, how often, how long, and other actions such as response rates and purchases made.
  • Digital marketing online can be distributed at a faster rate and a wider range of traditional marketing communications.
  • Digital media allows consumers to explore the deeper information needed to make a decision before making a purchase. In addition, consumers can interact quickly with sellers regarding the products offered.
  • Digital marketing is not only related to advertising, because advertising is one way to market products that actually lack credibility. This can be seen from about 76% of people who do not trust company advertisements because they are considered lying.
  • "Advertising is not the only way in digital marketing and is a less effective way unless we have so much money." Because advertising basically indirectly forces someone to see it.
  • Examples of Companies that Use Digital Marketing, There are several examples of companies that use Digital Marketing including the following: Nippon Paint Companies, Toyota Companies, Yamaha Companies, Samsung Companies, Nokia Companies, etc.

Marketing Strategy in Digital Marketing

There are a number of simple steps regarding marketing strategies in digital marketing that are very effective in building digital awareness and increasing brand awareness. As for the marketing strategy as follows:
  • Step I. Understand the target market; Who are they ? Where are they? What journal do they read? Finding jaaban is one way to make personal. Personal is a description of certain people who may be in your service.
  • Step II. Competitor Analysis; Don't ignore your competitors. Research them to see how they use digital marketing channels to reach customers.
  • Step III. Prioritize Digital Tactics and Channels; There are so many online digital media channels, you must be able to determine which channel is suitable for you, (Youtube, Facebook etc.)
  • Step IV. Maximizing Channel Potential; A variety of digital channels and tactics will be right and for a business depending on business goals after knowing the purpose of the business then we must maximize the potential of the channel.
  • Step V. Measuring Results; Making measurable and measurable performance indicators, for example increasing online sales by 30% from before, increasing natural search traffic by 40%, increasing engagement of Facebook social media by 25%.
  • Step VI. Effectiveness Analysis; You can test whether your marketing campaign is effective by tracking it through Google Analyst and other mentors such as Facebook Twitter or using Blacberry can be in BBM groups or WhatsApp.

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