Basic Marketing Strategies & Management for the Digital Age

Basic marketing strategies in the digital era - Is actually not as simple as moving promotional media from print to digital content. Every marketer today has new tasks, new responsibilities, and a new style of world that has never existed before - not to mention the rapid development of technology and facilities today.

Basic Marketing Strategies & Management for the Digital Age

So, what is the latest management model and basic marketing strategies in the digital era? Let's look at its development from time to time.

1. Basic Marketing Strategies: Age of Advertising

At the beginning of the emergence of information technology, large companies competing to display their brands through advertising. Whether it is using print media (newspapers / magazines), television or radio.

The advertising model is relatively uniform, one-way delivery, content generally only contains product knowledge, and only focuses on the view, not the message.

2. Basic Marketing Strategies: Digital Marketing

With the rapid development of the internet and the growth of its users, the marketing model comes with digital content. Call e-mail marketing, web marketing, online ads, not overlooked the new business model marketing strategy through e-commerce.

3. Basic Marketing Strategies: Modern Marketing

With the increasing number of marketing choices ranging from content types, channel usage, and customer services ranging from manual to automated, management and marketing strategies today enable every business to always engage with its customers especially in real time.

The more choices, the more sophisticated the technology, then that means competition will also be more stringent. Therefore, the method of using your customers as a media campaign is also one of the main keys. More complete about this, we have reviewed the infographics about marketing strategies.

4 Types of Marketing Strategies

Basic Marketing Strategies

With the growing marketing model today, it is certainly not an easy thing to sort and choose the types of marketing strategies. Therefore, in this paper, we will provide 4 crucial parts that will greatly assist you in managing marketing in the modern era.

#1. Types of marketing strategy in Social media

Admittedly, social media has changed the pattern of communication between brands and consumers. Social media is no longer a matter of beauty of images, product knowledge, but rather how much the quality of interactions can be created.

With real-time features such as live via Instagram / YouTube, online webinars, and group chat channels, it is very easy for businesses to be able to be present in their customers' daily lives and appear as they are. This closeness will be the key to the success of marketing using social media that you have.

#2. Marketing Strategies for Small Business with Content Marketing

Not many people want to buy your product if they offer products directly and frontally. The existence of content marketing has changed the traditional marketing paradigm to be more natural.

With the marketing through useful content whether it's infographics, videos or photos, your brand can be present in the middle of the customer without having to use the company's hands directly. The key is just how to make other people like the content of the information and want to distribute it voluntarily.

#3. Marketing Strategy to Improve Sales with Mobile Mindset

The trend of internet access from smartphones (mobile web) that is increasingly dominating than desktops makes any business must begin to be concerned about this phenomenon. The next challenge is how marketing is done accordingly and integrated on all platforms, especially smartphones.

#4. Data Is Everything

The big data era has enabled marketers to know more about their customers. Not only consumer needs, even habits, demographics and consumer behavior can also help in formulating the most appropriate marketing strategies.

A company that has good data management and proper utilization can certainly create marketing performance that is far more effective, efficient and on target.

The Ideal Marketing Team in the Digital Age

With the brief description above, it should begin to illustrate that marketing human resources no longer have to be fixated on the corporate structure, especially in terms of decision making.

Today's marketers are required to have work specialization according to the skills of each person. Here is one example of the division of HR work in the field of marketing according to the 4 categories described above:
  • Social media manager
  • Content specialist
  • Automation specialist
  • Marketing analyst

That's about the basic concept of marketing strategies in digital age or better known as digital marketing. If you have other questions about marketing, you can immediately leave a question via the comments column. Good luck!

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