7 Attractive Words for Advertising On Facebook Ads

Attractive Words for Advertising - As a smart online consumer, it's very easy for us to find the items we want to buy or we are looking for. In fact, not infrequently we are tempted by big offers from various kinds of products. However, usually we already know which product from the marketer is selling the item, so we are easier to find it.

Attractive Words for Advertising

Some online advertisements appear cheap, annoying, or misleading, and some of us rarely notice them. Facebook ads are far better in attracting audience interest. Quite often we see advertisements that are not only visually appealing, but also in harmony with interest. We see ads on a regular basis that offer something that can be sure to make people interested, or who immediately think about buying. This makes products significantly more attractive - and far more effective.

In today's post, we will see some of the best Facebook ads we found. We will learn what makes the ad very effective, and how you can make your own Facebook ads more interesting.

Example Attractive Words for Advertising #1: Slack

We applaud Slack for how the smart messaging application influences its value proposition in other posts, and the company's Facebook ads are equally interesting.

Attractive Words for Advertising

The ad above appeared on our News Feed a few days ago and was immediately caught by the eye. This is a general truth that must be admitted that almost everyone hates a meeting that is in vain, and is simple - but very effective - a visual illustration that feels like sitting 25% less in a meeting is a powerful depiction of Slack as a communication platform provider.

In addition, these ads appear funny and take full advantage of internet and image terms (such as Unicorn-style memes) to make products more related. CTA is also well positioned on advertisements, such as asking users to register based on this information alone may not be the most effective strategy.

Overall, these ads are a great example of how communication tools can work focus by being advertised well in a social media environment that is predominantly personal, and even how the most practical products or applications can be made to look more "enjoyable."

What Can You Learn / Take From This Facebook Ad?
  • Focus on how users or customers feel after using your product.
  • Be imaginative with your creative advertising / image.
  • Consider sharply, impressive climax (such as "Make Better Work") will work for your ad

Example Attractive Words for Advertising #2: Google

Google knows one or two things about online advertising. Google's Facebook ads are very interesting, even for someone with only passing interests in the product in question.

Attractive Words for Advertising

In these ads there are many things that are right. First, visual continuity between this ad and the rest of the Google / Alphabet brand reinforces the brand behind the offer, the importance of which we discuss in more depth in this post about Facebook's landing page.

Second, this ad is very clever to use simple verbs that are actively combined with aspirational language so as to create excitement about the product, namely the cloud computing platform. Google can choose to focus on a number of platform features, such as speed or security, choosing to emphasize "building what's next" as an advertising link, which makes ads more attractive and helps viewers visualize what they can do with the platform - the first important step for advertising any.

Third, the ad color palette. Not only live, the primary blue color fits visually with the dominant blue palette of Facebook itself, it also strengthens the emotional impact of the blue color itself, among which is trust and stability (which is why blue is like a common color among large technology companies).

What Can You Learn / Take From this Facebook Ad?
  • Use active verbs in your copy
  • Try using a simplicity, a little firm, and a primary color scheme
  • Experiment with financial incentives

Example Attractive Words for Advertising #3: A & E, Bates Motel

Timely holidays are an excellent opportunity to launch the theme of Facebook advertising campaigns, but so many businesses drop the ball when it comes to this campaign's creative advertising. Either their ads are bland and forgotten, or their bids are annoying, or messages from advertisements are just deaf-tones (think social media promotions are trying to exploit celebrity deaths, for example).

Unlike the A & E with Bates Motel's hits, it is certainly very interesting (even really intended).

Attractive Words for Advertising

It is almost difficult to say that entertainment networks like A & E usually have a much larger budget for creative advertising. However, that does not mean you cannot apply techniques like A & E when entering your own seasonal ad campaigns and holidays. Is there another corner of the campaign that you can take during the holidays? Is there another way to focus on the unique sales proposition of your business when using seasonal messages?

Take techniques from A & E books and think carefully about your advertising material for time-sensitive campaigns.

What Can You Learn / Take From this Facebook Ad?
  • Pop culture references can be very effective, if done well
  • Include brief, hashtag memories to encourage seasonal social events / sales promotions
  • Conduct competitive intelligence research for your competitors' seasonal ads, and ask if there are opportunities that you can use

Example Attractive Words for Advertising #4: Dollar Shave Club

The care industry for men is a billion-dollar business (expected to bring about $ 21 billion in revenue this year alone), making it a difficult market for businesses offering male care products. That did not stop one of the industry's biggest players, Dollar Shave Club, from distinguishing itself in an increasingly crowded market.

Attractive Words for Advertising

This ad is very clever by not trying to attract gender normative as in creative advertising favored by some other shaving companies, but rather trying to highlight its products to a completely different audience - women.

This ad copy is both interesting and fun, implying the Shave Club's progressive stance in its first two sentences, and immediately setting itself apart from a company like Gillette, which has first become the dominance of the care product sector with certain product genders.

This opens up existing product lines to a broad new audience without having to launch new products, and sets the Dollar Shave Club as a progressive, forward-thinking company, aligned with changing social values. These two elements alone make good examples of how advertising can talk a lot about your brand and introduce popular product lines for new demographics and audiences. Brilliant.

What Can You Learn / Take From this Facebook Ad?
  • Take advantage of inclusive brand values, can be the main and key selling points.
  • Check the main targeting and audience settings - is there a way to promote existing product lines to a truly new audience.
  • After this research, look at the person of the buyer - they really fall within the criteria of your ideal customer, or you are accidentally dealing with an audience that has valuable potential.

Example Attractive Words for Advertising #5: Shopify

Shopify is one of the companies that has Facebook ads that are very interesting and show strong concern from the demographic business and target market.

Attractive Words for Advertising

Shopify understands that many potential users are not considered to earn income from hobbies or craft their products, or open their own e-commerce store. However, this is what makes this ad so charming. Shopify knows the audience, and appears after the first time as an e-commerce craft retailer with this tempting position.

What Can You Learn / Take From This Facebook Ad?
  • Use aspirational messages to attract users' hopes and ambitions - how your product or service helps them become what they want.
  • Ask questions in your copy using voice from customers.
  • Consider the aesthetics you want your ad to have - clean and minimal? Colorful and vibrant?

Example Attractive Words for Advertising #6: Heal

Ads for the Heal application above make a sign familiar on almost every level. The visual copy directly explains what Heal is, while the picture itself ensures a display with a combination of friendliness, approach to the image (showing a doctor smiling in a lab coat that reads Heal), and a signal of confidence that arises.

What Can You Learn / Take From This Facebook Ad?
  • Make your message center customer pain points
  • Include strong, recognizable signals of trust if possible.
  • Review copies to identify opportunities to include more interesting languages.

Example Attractive Words for Advertising #7: Athos

Attractive Words for Advertising

A copy of the ad is solid, but it's a picture of a hero who actually sells Athos applications and "smart" clothes. Directly, it is quite clear what Athos is doing, even if you are familiar with similar applications. A screenshot of the application itself may not have the same effect on the audience, while the alignment of the two image elements together produces a very intuitive image.

Some say, this ad is not perfect. Focus on Fitbit-like tracking heuristics that are very interesting angles, but personally, we don't think these ads sell the relationship between applications and clothes that are actually enough. Even though it was a very effective image, we were more interested in the application and what was tracked from the clothes themselves, and before that we even started thinking about how the clothes could be seen or fit in the body. In general, this advertisement is still a big advertisement and shows how powerful the right image to display on Facebook ads.

What Can You Learn / Take From this Facebook Ad?
  • Research broader consumer trends to see if you can align your ads with successful products on the market - even other things outside.
  • Look at the image of your own ad, without a copy - can the average user tell you whether your product or service is not without a clear copy?
  • Consider investing in professional product / studio photography, especially if you are in a "lifestyle" business.

Hopefully these Example Attractive Words for Advertising can give you some ideas of things you can try on your own campaign, especially if your Facebook ad isn't working. Good Luck.

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