30 Magical Marketing Words for Your Business Greatness

Magical Marketing Words - For business owners, sales & marketing, copywriters and designers should know that language, emotions, and actions will affect someone to decide something, including buying your product. Certain words or phrases have indeed been tested to increase the response to sales conversions. Similar to motivational words, but this looks a little different.

Magical Marketing Words

Here I will share 30 magical marketing words that you must apply to posting social media, articles, email offers, website content, and so on:

1. You
Write as if you were chatting with your friends, don't imagine yourself assuming yourself.

2. Because
Give your customers a reason to immediately "take action". Also pay attention to your target customers (target market), because the reason for an inappropriate target market will actually make you considered stupid.

3. Free
Because everyone wants things that smell free. Try asking 10 of your friends then all will definitely choose something that is free rather than paid.

4. Value
Make it look as if the customer is getting something, not losing something. For example do not use the word "money", but "cost" or "price", because if you say "money", then the customer will seem to lose their money. But use the word "cost", then they will be impressed to get something then give it instead.

5. Warranty
Guarantee your prospective customers, so they will feel safe against possible risks that will be faced. Warranty does not have to be grandiose, even simple and easy is not a problem, provided it is packed with good words. The important thing is that you must be "able" to fulfill the warranty. This guarantee is a bond between you and your prospective customers.

6. Extraordinary
Like FREE, people tend to be happy and responsive with something extraordinary.

7. Easy
Make it as easy as possible for your prospect to become your customer. Even if you need only one easy step in order to enjoy the convenience of your service.

8. Find it
Create new things and make your customers curious and want to try it. In this case the thing that needs to be considered is how to convey the new thing to your prospective customers and make them curious to find new things.

9. Now
Make motivation for your customers to make decisions or actions right away.

10. Include
Tell your customers that all important needs are included in your product / service.

11. No more
Show your customers about negative profits. How can there be a negative profit? It could be, for example: "You will no longer pay ..." and "You don't need to worry anymore about ...".

12. Latest
Tell your prospective customers that your product / service is the latest in their field, or use the latest technology, or the first in the world / in USA / Dallas or something.

13. Save
Everyone wants to reduce their expenses, or in other words save as much as possible. So emphasize to your potential customers that by buying your product / service, they will save a lot of rupiah.

14. Proven
Show a research or testimonial from your relatives that proves that your product / service has proven quality.

15. Safe and effective
These words are to minimize negative perceptions about risks and losses.

16. Appropriate
Tell your potential customers that your product or service is truly effective for them.

17. Real
Almost the same as PROVEN, that your prospect needs something tangible as a driver to decide to buy your product / service.

18. Secret
Not everyone can succeed, and there must be a secret behind that success. Convey your product / service secrets why it can be a solution for your potential customers. Because almost everyone is happy when told a secret.

19. Solution
Show that your product / service is truly a solution for your prospective customers.

20. Instant
Show the speed of access or the alertness of the service from your team.

21. How
Show your potential customers how you solve the problem.

22. Prestige
Show your potential customers that by using your product / service, they will get a high prestige. Everyone in America is happy to be proud.

23. Exclusive
Show that your product / service is special compared to your competitors.

24. Caused by
Analyze carefully the problems of your prospective customers and give reasons why this can happen. This will make you feel "smart" and automatically your prospective customers will be more confident with you.

25. More
Do you provide more than your competitors offer? Make sure your prospective customers know your strengths.

26. Bargain
Provide opportunities for your prospective customers to make an offer, can be in the form of a price, feature or warranty offer. USA people's culture is like bargaining, and wants to get more. So give it to them.

27. There are no obligations
This is to ensure your prospective customers that after using your product / service, they have no more burden or dependents.

28. 100% money back guarantee
Everyone wants a convenience in dealing. One of them is a money back guarantee if something undesirable happens to the item he buys. But keep in mind, only give this guarantee if you believe that your product / service is truly "powerful".

29. Great
Make large discounts and high offers so your potential customers are no longer able to avoid buying your product / service.

30. Wealth
Everyone wants to be rich, including me, you and many others. So show that your product / service can support each person's wishes.

Well, now it's just how we as a marketer combine these magical words marketing to steal the hearts of your potential customers to buy your product / service. Do it now and your sales conversion rate. Good luck ;-)

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