20+ Persuasive Words for Marketing

Persuasive Words for Marketing - What is meant by persuasive words? Word of persuasion or persuasion comes from English, Persuade which means inviting, then persuasive sentences are words that invites someone to do something.

Persuasive Words

The sentence or words of persuasion is usually used as a medium to invite, urge or ask someone to do something the writer wants. Therefore, the sentence of persuasion is often used in the languages of promotion, slogans, brochures, and others.

In addition, persuasive words can also be said with command sentences. However, this sentence of persuasion is slightly different from the usual command sentence.

The difference is in the sentence of persuasion, the order conveyed is more inviting and not asking directly. While the command sentence is delivered directly.

Pay attention to the following words!
1. Dispose of garbage in its place!
2. Dispose of garbage in its place!
3. Regular exercise!
4. Let's exercise regularly!

Words number 2 and 4 are sentences of persuasion because they are solicitation and not just direct orders such as in sentences number 1 and 3. Meanwhile, sentences number 1 and 3 are also called sentence commands.

So that the reader follows what is said in the sentence, usually the persuasion sentence is followed by strong supporting sentences, so that the reader or listener feels confident and does it.

Well, the sentence of persuasion and the explanatory sentences will form a paragraph called persuasive paragraph or persuasion paragraph.

Characteristics of Persuasive Words

A sentence can be said as a sentence of persuasion if it has some of the following characteristics:

Sentences of persuasion are inviting.

Because it is almost the same as the command sentence, the sentence of persuasion uses an exclamation point.

Persuasion sentences are commonly used in the language of advertisements, slogans, appeals, and others.

Sentences of persuasion often use persuasive words, including: let's, let's, and others.

Persuasive sentences are very interesting written. Even given rhyme so that people who read it will always remember it.

Examples of persuasive words for marketing

Of course you have understood what persuasive sentences are and can also distinguish them from command sentences. Well, here are examples of persuasion sentences:
  • Let's save for a lucky future!
  • Let's throw garbage in its place so that the environment becomes clean!
  • Let's learn to be smart!
  • Let's exercise regularly to be healthy always!
  • Let's build this country together!
  • Let's take your time by heading to the Art Park!
  • Come together to fight cigarette smoke that disturbs health!
  • Let's complete this program together!
  • Let's pray to God Almighty!
  • Let us apply a healthy lifestyle to survive the last world.
  • Let's finish what has become our shared responsibility!
  • Let's do the command of God Almighty!
  • Let's live in harmony for the sake of creating a peaceful environment!
  • Let us clean this environment so as not to become a disease!
  • Let's fight together in reaching your goals!
  • Prepare yourself for life in old age!
  • Learn earnestly!
  • Don't damage this environment!
  • Visit places of worship to survive the world and the hereafter!
  • Buy this product and feel the millions of benefits!
  • Enjoy this once-only life with useful activities!
  • Come to the Art Exhibition with outaga and friends!
  • Achieve your dreams as high as possible!
  • Study hard and be eager for the future!

Well, the above sentences are persuasive words for marketing. An important point that must be remembered is the sentence of persuasion is a sentence whose purpose is to invite or interpret the reader to do something. In addition, the sentence persuasion will form a peruasive paragraph.

Such is the explanation this time regarding persuasive sentences, definitions, characteristics, and examples. Thank you for visiting and find other interesting articles in this blog!

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