10+ Awesome Persuasive Words Used in Advertising

Persuasive Words Used in Advertising - Hello everyone, welcome to AdvertisingSentence.com. This time we will discuss understanding and examples of persuasive words used in advertising. Actually there are many types of paragraphs. You can visit the other articles here to find out the types of paragraphs. But this time we will discuss the persuasion paragraph. Immediately we see what is the persuasion paragraph.

Persuasive Words Used in Advertising

The paragraph itself consists of several types. Like arguments paragraph, narrative paragraphs, exposition paragraphs, and persuasion paragraphs.
Persuasion paragraph is a paragraph in the development of sentence ideas containing words of invitation, appeal, persuasion, or seduction to the reader to follow the will of the author. So that the reader obeys what is written by the author.

For more details, the author provides an example at the end of the discussion. But before, you must know first the details of this persuasion paragraph. Let's review further.

In writing the persuasive words used in advertising, requires a strong fact and evidence so that the reader can be affected and take part in implementing what is presented by the author. So the writer of this type of paragraph must present a data review that can convince the reader to be able to trust the writing or essay. That way people will be easy to be invited to do as the author wants.

The written content in this persuasion paragraph is subjective, because the contents of the pure persuasion paragraph are the author's personal views on a topic.

Because the purpose of this paragraph is to invite, it is not uncommon to have invitation sentences to something, or even to buy an item/ product.

Characteristics of Persuasion Paragraphs

  • Some characteristics of persuasion paragraphs are:
  • The writing content is an invitation to follow or do something.
  • presenting actual data and facts so that the reader can be sure of the reasons made by the author. Can be an example, calculation or an argument from the author.
  • There are words of invitation, like let's, let's, do it and others.
  • Can cause confidence in the reader.

Types of Persuasion Paragraphs

Persuasion paragraphs have several types. That is propaganda persuasion, educational persuasion, advertising persuasion, and political persuasion. The functions of these four paragraphs also vary. Immediately let's look at the explanations and examples.

Example of Persuasive Words Used in Advertising (Education)

Paragraphs of education persuasion are types of paragraphs used by people or entities that have authority in the world of education. These people usually convey messages related to education. The form of this paragraph can also be in the form of appeals, motivation, invitations and so forth, about the world of education.

Examples of sentences for educational persuasion:

  • Let's diligently read.
  • Be diligent in learning, one day you will definitely get the results.
  • Come on in the morning, and go to school in the morning too.
  • Come on! take a math lesson, be someone who is a mathematician.
  • You learn a lot, you know a lot.
  • The math lesson is easy.
  • Say "I CAN".

Those are some examples of persuasion sentences about education. Sometimes from there it can also be used to increase motivation for people who read.

Example of Persuasive Words Used in Advertising 

Persuasive words used in advertising which contains the introduction and explanation of a product. Indeed, this paragraph is usually useful as advertising with commercial purposes. Which one markets and influences potential consumers to choose the goods or services offered by the author.

Examples of Persuasive Words Used in Advertising 

  • Join here. Businesses with small capital and abundant profits.
  • Do you have problems with vision? this product can help overcome myopic eyes that you experience.
  • Healthy mineral water. Able to overcome sweetness, diabetes and even other diseases. By regularly consuming this mineral water, the blood in your body will always be free from toxins, and will always maintain your heart health.
  • Such are the paragraphs and sentences of advertisement persuasion. I think it's quite common everywhere. in newspapers, magazines, and even television, there are also lots of similar advertisements like the example above.

Example of a Short Persuasion Paragraph

The author will give several examples of persuasion paragraphs that you can make a benchmark, or you can sample. So that you can also make this paragraph properly and correctly.

Examples of persuasion paragraphs:

Let's Embed a Healthy Way

"Today children are very susceptible to disease. The first cause is that the immune system in the child is still weak. Finally, bacteria easily damage and make the child sick.

In addition, unhealthy food can be one of the causes of damage to the immune system. There are many street vendors who sell in the area around the school selling their goods without being seen as good or not for small children. The most important thing for them is the big profit.

That way, we cannot avoid or look for a good sword. Moreover, the buyer is a small child, so there will be no good and bad choice for a child what he eats.

Therefore, let us instill in our children, or our students not to snack with food that is careless. By transferring what he wants to better things. Or also we can tell him and the cause if the child consumes unhealthy food. "

Stop smoking right now

"It has become a common sight, that cigarettes are a 'mandatory' assumption for the pecandun. It does not look at a place, on a road, in front of a house, office, school, campus, even when accompanying it is still smoking.

This is very bad to do. Because it is seen from any side, cigarettes do not make our bodies good at all. Nothing can be found from cigarettes that we can take advantage of.

Add to that the smoke released by the cigarette makers, about the people around them. Very disturbing. Not infrequently also many people who are seriously ill are caused by cigarettes. Starting from cancer, heart disease, impotence, even death.

Therefore, let's start to avoid this bad item. Because besides self-harm, cigarettes also harm others. "

These are the discussions of several examples of persuasive words used in advertising . You can open paragraph types so you know more about all the paragraphs. Hopefully you can take advantage of it. Do not forget to always visit our website because it will be updated every day, at AdvertisingSentence.com.

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