Become a Copywriting Masters, Start From Mindset

How to become a copywriting masters? Being a copywriter can start here, which is to set the right mindset.

Sell by writing it sound easy at first glance. Include information about the features, benefits, pricing, and how to make a purchase ... DONE.

But what happens next?

No one wants to buy your product / service.

Yet on the other hand there is your rival who sells the SAME product EXACTLY. The difference is, he has more buyers .. and the buyers are very enthusiastic about the goods sold.

How did it happen?

Do they use real magic marketing words? It true?


But it's not like in the cartoon Aladdin's genie.

It is a marketing technique that can bewitch others to make them - not just "want" to buy - but "must" buy.

Here's a copywriting technique guide.

What is Copywriting?

Become a Copywriting Masters, Start From Mindset

No... copywriting is not the genie like I said before. To understand what is copywriting, there are three terms you must understand.

These three terms will continue to be used in the series of this guide, so please remember:

Copy: text used in sales or marketing, usually we meet in landing page, advertisement, website, brochure, and others.

Despite the progress, the copy is no longer just text. (in contrast to copy which means copy).

  • Copywriting: process / copy writing technique. (the author is called a copywriter)
  • Conversion: when someone you are targeting takes the action you want. For example buying a product, registering members, creating accounts, downloading, and others.

If in sales, the conversion is often called closing.

But here we will use the conversion terms because copywriting itself is not just for sales.

So, copywriting technique is a copy making technique that can increase drastically conversion.

Then why do we need a copywriter?

"Just write .. what's hard? In the lessons of school had you been? "
Not the same..

Doing sales is not easy. Especially if you can only use the media in the form of text, images, or video. Much more difficult.

Copywriters are salesmen in letters.

With the right copywriting techniques, the same 2 exact products can get a much different response by others.

If you market a product to 100 people ... previously only sold to 1 person, but with the right copywriting techniques now there are 5 buyers.

5x fold!

Especially since now online marketing media is getting popular beat traditional marketing. The role of text and copywriters is needed.

Suppose there is a company that does a thorough digital marketingThen they need:
  • Landing page
  • AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • TV and radio ads
  • Website content
  • Social media content
  • Email marketing content
  • ….and many more

In order for all to be effective and result in high conversion rates, it needs copywriting techniques.

That's why copywriting skills are needed.

A Copywriter's Mindset You Should Have to Become a Copywriting Masters

Become a Copywriting Masters, Start From Mindset

There are many things you can learn related to copywriting techniques.

But if you have to choose 1 of the many knowledge, this is the least you can miss:

The right mindset to become a copywriting masters.

Even if you have a 1000 template copywriting in various aspects, if you do not have the mindset of a copywriter .. Thats nothing.

You can't create a copy that sells without this understanding.

Not only that…

The template will make you stiff .. and templates can be expired.

Not so with the MINDSET.

Modern human thinking has never changed since the days of homo-sapiens started to appear ... until now.

By having this knowledge, you will be able to create effective copy even if 1000 years in the future you are still alive.

And this you can apply anywhere ... landing page, sales letter, ads, website content.

# 1 Copywriting is Not (just) Author

Because in the old days the marketing media is just writing, so called copy "writing".

Now there is advertising and marketing media in the form of images, video, and audio .. so as your task copywriter includes creating drawing and script concept in video.

But most importantly, this:

Copywriters are people who deepen human psychology.

Let's look again at the main function of a copywriter: create a copy that can increase conversions.

That means you have to "go" into their brains.

Then channel the ideas that are in your head to be accepted by them. In order for them to take action as you wish.

So the principles of human psychology will be a lot of you meet.

Do not worry, you do not need to be a real psychologist.

#2 No one cares about you

Selfish .. that's the basic nature of man (and other living things).

Although in the lessons of PPKN we are always told not to be selfish ... caring about others ... but still, no one cares about you.

They only care about themselves.

Let's look at an example:

This is an example of a copy of a real business sales page (name and address disguised).
KOKA was founded in early 2009 in San Diego, with the initiator of the idea: David Noah. KOKA is an online store developed from an existing offline store with a brand of "Custom Costume" located in Downtown San Diego. 
We make costumes personally / customized and are sold or rented for events such as: Carnival, National Day, Competition, Birthday, Religious Days, Halloween, Television Event, Exhibition, Corporate Event, Fashion Show, Party, School Event, Pre Wedding, Photo Force and others. 
Many of our clients come from International Schools and National Schools, Event Organizers as well as Corporate and Private.

Sleepy right?

Who cares about our business history?

If you want to rent a costume, do they need historical information, let alone the name of the founder of the store? 99.9% will not read.

Copywriting: They do not care about your business, they only care about themselves

Give them the information they care about.

A copywriter should know what information most needed by their prospective customer. Then provide the information.

Once they feel you are the right person to solve their problems, then they care about you.

Again, remember:

They do not care about you, they only care about themselves ... at first.

#3 Do the sale as if to one person only

Become a Copywriting Masters, Start From Mindset

It's one way to get them to care about your copy ...

Do not sell to everyone.

Many products / services can indeed be used by everyone from young people, parents, men, women, successful people, people who have not been successful ... etc ..

What often happens like this:

You want to get as many buyers as possible. Therefore you create a sales page that targets all circles.

Hope so everyone can buy.

And what happens is your copy so not effective at all.

For example property sales. Generally there are 2 types of buyers: people who want to buy a residence, or people who want to invest.

Both are 180 degrees apart.

You can't sell to both at once. Both have different tastes, classes, and problems.

The solution: make a buyer persona

Buyer persona is the average representative of your ideal customer.

Who is most likely to buy your product or use your services. That's what we will make representatives as buyer persona.

Forget those who are unlikely to buy or require your product / service.

Instead of explanation, just go for example:

I want to sell weight loss supplement products.

Who usually buy this product? Anyone overweight?

Not wrong. But too broad ... More specifically:

  • Gender: female
  • Age: 25-35
  • Status: mother with 1-2 children
  • Occupation: in the office from 9-5
  • The main problem: want to lose weight postpartum, but do not have much time and energy to exercise
  • What we can help: weight loss supplements without the need for strenuous exercise, without the need for strict dieting

That is our personal buyer.

Furthermore, in the sales page, advertising, or promotion that you do ... all target this persona.

#4 Do not be a robot

In the first language lessons, we are always taught to use formal language. Write a rigid grammar ... like a robot.

It's carried on until now.

He said with writing like that looks more professional.

Coupled with the use of terms that are difficult to understand.

In practice in the real world, is there anyone who likes to talk to people who always use rigid language?

Rigid = / = professional. Rigid is not professional. Calm can also be professional.

Try to read this:

In the digital era like today, copywriting is very important for entrepreneurs who want to do marketing online and offline. Copywriting can be interpreted as a creative writing process in the form of marketing and advertising with the intent of influencing individuals or groups in decision making.
Copywriting includes text, images, video, or audio contained in advertisements, content, brochures, billboards, catalogs and other marketing communications media with potential customers.

If I use this paragraph as an opening guide you are reading now .. most of it must have gone.

It's like a teacher / lecturer who makes us sleepy in class ... Boring.

Do not be a copywriter like that.

Although in the form of writing, become a copywriting masters should be able to make writing that is like talking directly to others.

Use the language they use often.

This is one of the most powerful tips to instantly steal your target's attention.

Use the everyday language that they often use among themselves when complaining about something related to your product's function.

Imagine they complain about the problem in front of you ...

What kind of sentence their complaints are about.

Do not create unfamiliar sentences to become a copywriting masters.

Only 4 of the above you need to understand as a copywriter.

By capitalizing these four mindsets alone you can actually make a copy in any form.

Landing page .. sales letter .. email .. advertising .. website content .. and much more.

So, to conclude this chapter .. there are 4 most basic mistakes in copywriting:
  • Do not think about what happens in the minds of others when reading your writing
  • Too focused with yourself
  • Talking to the wrong person
  • Boring and hard to understand

In the next chapter, we will learn how to create a copy structure with one of the best formulas in copywriting to become a copywriting masters.

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